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I offer on-going support to help you stay on target with your health and weight loss goals.

Research has shown that people are still struggling with how to keep weight off after treatment ends. Enlisting family and friends in the effort may help, as well as being involved in support groups.

According to one study, participants, who enrolled in a weight loss program with friends and were given social support, did a better job of keeping their weight off. Two-thirds of those who enrolled with friends had kept their weight off six months after the meetings ended. In contrast, only a quarter of those who attended on their own had achieved that same success.

So take the next step to challenge yourself to health and fitness by enrolling in one of my upcoming groups. Enroll your family and friends too! You'll find yourself working with a handful of others all wanting to achieve a healthy lifestyle. You will receive the best support possible from myself and other group members about what works and what doesn't while traveling down this road to health and wellness.

So stay tuned for my next upcoming workshop to be offered!


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